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Warriors must face the most powerful enemies without fear. They are the front line defense, the protectors, and the meat shields. The warrior's job, like that of all tank arch-types, is to stay between the enemy and the rest of the party, and to control the enemy's focus. Skilled warriors both cause good amounts of damage as well as keep the casters alive. When things go wrong, they sacrifice themselves so others can live. As a warrior, you must have faith in those with you, and likewise they must trust you. As with any class, communication with your party is key, so having a keyboard helps. Warriors can solo, but not as well as some might think.

The following races may train as warriors: Barbarian, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Human (Eastern), Human (Western), Ogre, and Troll. The power pool stats for a warrior are Strength and Stamina. All races can make good warriors. While some of the smaller races will have a lower starting power pool, they oftentimes have good agility and dexterity, making them well balanced warriors.